Tearing down to Restart

Pixel ExplosionImage By: Donald Jusa

About once every six months I’ve torn down this blog and restarted.   This isn’t productive from a search engine optimization point of view or for developing a back list of articles for an audience; and I don’t care.  The reason I do this is that as a blog this isn’t a record of my life or my thoughts.    This is a place where what I consider to be the most relevant and actionable information is kept.   As such, what I wrote about 4 months ago isn’t relevant today.  My posts on Free sources and resources has become out of date. My commentaries on business also are in that same category of irrelevance.    The free education I wrote about last year, changed, became for profit, or was acquired by a group that went in another direction with it.    Ideas on business models have evolved, collapsed, been sidelined or invalidated by their creators. Continue reading Tearing down to Restart