Everything Is Falling Apart (And other good news)

EntropyImage By: fdecomite

Recently one of my mentors, who is 27 years younger than me, sent out a message that all of the old rules for living and working were done, obliterated and irrelevant.   At about the same time a colleague of mine contacted me to complain that everything was falling apart, people were demoralized, financially desperate, and there was no easy way forward.    Both are right and this isn’t new.

Thirty years ago all the rules had fallen apart, all of the promises of employment, career, and security were out the window.   Men and women, with ten and fifteen years in careers, were trying to reinvent themselves for different careers and new industries.    So the new normal was that you would accept a drop in pay, jump to a new career, struggle to develop a new platform and network of connections with the certain knowledge that your company or industry could fail, be absorbed or ultimately found to be a house of cards.

The safe bet?   Own a business or go into a profession.    Turns out those answers were just as wrong.

With all of this upheaval and change what can we really expect?    Where can we find security?   Where are the future opportunities?

My answers are –   Nothing, Nowhere and right in front of you.

There is no longer any expectation to be had.    I’m not making that a moral positive or negative.    There just aren’t any to be had.    So I’m not wasting any time looking for them or explaining my outlook on international trends, the disruption of the redistributed production capacity to emerging markets or the further erosions of individual incomes based in the last (pre-2015) economy.

There is no security.    There never has been.    The rules, political protections, and regulations that once supported such things do not exist.   Returning them will not return the higher paying job, but might make their lower paying part-time and full time positions a little safer and more tenable for present employees.   But that isn’t opportunity.    That isn’t security and that isn’t expectation.   That is just a patch job on entropy.

The opportunities are right in front of you.    They are emerging from the chaos.   They will exist for years, months, weeks, days, and hours.    None of them are permanent.    None of them are a “Sure thing.”    The only sure things are those that others have already done successfully for the time period that they were successful with them and the people who managed to enjoy those benefits directly or indirectly during that period of time; business partners, company officers, shareholders, etc.

Opportunities exist in abundance, they are available to anyone who can see them and act on them.   That isn’t everyone, that isn’t most people, that is just a few people who take the risk and show good judgement and discipline.  And that doesn’t guarantee a thing.  It just marginally reduces the possibilities of catastrophic failure.